8 May

Iraqi E-Learning Virtual Conference


Iraqi E-Learning Virtual Conference

With the participation of the esteemed Ministry of Education and its accreditation team for e-learning in the General Directorate of Curricula and a large number of international and local experts and university presidents and the ministerial team and within 16 different scientific axes to cover the subject of electronic education and its concepts and developments and developments in education during the pandemic period and after it and evaluation of the achievement in the journey of accrediting e-learning after the authority announced The opinion in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on April 4, 2020, that e-learning is permanent and a fundamental axis in the evaluation of the educational institution and the teaching staff.

Event Schedule

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2-5 PM
Educational Google Application
9-12 PM
eLearning Adoption Trial Evaluation in Education & Higher Education
2-5 PM
eLearning Adoption and Strategies
9-12 PM
Open Educational Resources Materials, e-Publishing & Creative Commons
Dr. Anwar Subhi Al-Jubouri

Director of the Information Technology Department / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dr. Alaa Abdul-Hassan Attia

Assistant to the University President for Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Studies / University of Technology

Dr. Haitham Al-Khaldi

Member of the ministerial team

Dr. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud

Member of the ministerial team

Dr Adil M Salman

Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, Baghdad University College ofomic Sciences Econ

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Ghabban

President of the University of Technology

Dr. Mazen Samir Al-Hakim

Member of the ministerial team

Assistant teacher Wael Waheed Shati Al-Karizi

Responsible for the Computer Curricula and E-Learning Division at the Ministry of Education

Dr. Essam Al-Khaldi

Director of the Information Research and Qualification Center at the University of Kufa

Dr. Muhammad Sadiq Salman

Member of the ministerial team

Dr. Imad Al-Husseini

President of the University of Baghdad

Dr. Hamid Fadel Al-Tamimi

President of Al-Mustansiriya University

Dr. Amer Salim Al-Amir

المنسق العام في اللجنة العليا للتعليم الالكتروني

Dr. Idris Hadi Saleh

President of Tishk International University

Professor Dr. Kadhum Jabr Al-Jubouri

رئيس جامعة القادسية

Dr. Anasse Bouhlal

UNESCO’s Regional Program Specialist in Higher Education for the Arab States.

Prof. Paul Kim

Assistant Dean & Chief Technology Officer Stanford University

Dr. Ali bin Sharaf al-Musawi

Professor at the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University

Ph.D. Ghassan H. Abdul-Majeed

Director General (RDD) / Ministry of Higher Education / Iraq

Dr. Khaled Ali Hussein Al-Mayahi

Head of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Education at Al-Mustansiriya University

Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri

President of the University of Information Technology

Dr. Ibrahim Saeed Kata

Dean of the University of Dijlah

Prof. Iyad Ghani Al-Barzanji

President Kitab University

Dr. Badr al-Huda Khan

The global expert in the field of e-learning and the owner of the eight famous model in this field


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